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Ansible-NAS is an Ansible playbook that sets up applications of your choice on your home server.


  • A Linux environment with Ansible installed (in Ansible terms the "control node"). See the official Installing Ansible docs for more info.
  • SSH access to an Ubuntu 22.04 server that'll become your Ansible-NAS box. It's recommended to use a fresh Ubuntu Server 22.04 installation. Do not use non-LTS releases. Do not install Docker during the Ubuntu installation.

The control node and your Ansible-NAS box can be the same computer, if you choose.

Running Ansible-NAS


Before running anything, check out the playbook and understand what it does. Do not blindly download code from the internet and trust that it's going to work as you expect.

  1. Clone Ansible-NAS:

    git clone && cd ansible-nas

  2. Create your own inventory and config files by copying inventories/sample to your own directory:

    cp -rfp inventories/sample inventories/my-ansible-nas

  3. Review group_vars/all.yml. Change settings by overriding them in inventories/my-ansible-nas/group_vars/nas.yml.

  4. Update inventories/my-ansible-nas/inventory.

  5. Install the dependent roles: ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml.

  6. Run the playbook - ansible-playbook -i inventories/my-ansible-nas/inventory nas.yml -b -K