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External Access

There are a number of steps required to enable external access to the applications running on your NAS:

  1. Domain Name and DNS Configuration
  2. Enable Traefik
  3. Router Configuration
  4. Enable specific applications for external access

Enabling access to applications externally does not automatically secure them. If you can access an application from within your own network without a username and password, this will also be the case externally.

It is your responsibility to ensure that applications you enable external access to are secured appropriately!

Domain Name and DNS Configuration

Set ansible_nas_domain to the domain name you want to use for your Ansible-NAS. You'll need somewhere to host the DNS for that domain - Cloudflare is a good free solution. Once you have an account and Cloudflare is hosting the DNS for your domain, create a wildcard DNS entry (* and set it to your current IP address.

You then need to enable and configure the Cloudflare Dynamic DNS container (cloudflare_ddns_enabled: true) so the wildcard DNS entry for your domain name is updated if/when your ISP issues you a new IP address.

Enable Traefik

Traefik routes traffic from ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) on your Ansible-NAS box to the relevant application, based on hostname.

Simply set traefik_enabled: true in your all.yml. By default it listens on ports 80 and 443, but doesn't route any traffic.

Ensure you set the relevant environment variables for your DNS provider in traefik_environment_variables. More info in the Traefik ACME docs.

Router Configuration

You need to map ports 80 and 443 from your router to your Ansible-NAS box.

How to do this is entirely dependent on your router (and out of scope of these docs), but if you're using Ansible-NAS then this should be within your skillset. :)

Enable Access To Specific Applications

Every application has a <application_name>_available_externally setting in its defaults/main.yml. Setting this to true (by overriding it in your nas.yml) will configure Traefik to route <application> to the application, making it available externally.