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Samba Shares

Ansible-NAS uses the awesome vladgh.samba Ansible role to configure Samba - check out the Ansible Galaxy page for the many different options you can use to configure a share.

Share Examples

Ansible-NAS shares are defined in the samba_shares section within group_vars/all.yml. The examples provided are "public" shares that anyone on your LAN can read and write to.

File Permissions

Ansible-NAS creates an ansible-nas user and group on your server, which Samba will use to access the data in your shares. New data created will be permissioned correctly.

However, if you have existing data this will need to be repermissioned so that Samba can read and serve it. An playbook is provided to do this for you - permission_data.yml. It is separated from the main Ansible-NAS playbook due to the time it can take to run with large amounts of data - you should only need to run this once.